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I love nature, plants, walking and food. Foraging makes sense to me, and because I love teaching, I choose to share it again, again and again.

I have been teaching foraging and running Wild Food Foraging since 2007. My background is in over 20 years of Environmental Education, with a strong theme of working in Health and Nutrition. Iï¿œve worked in community health both in the UK and abroad and learnt about foraging and local foods in Europe, Asia and in my own back yard. The simple pleasures of distinct regional dishes, ancient processes through to fine dining, true variety of flavours, textures and food sources are a relief and delight to me.

Over the years I have taught thousands of people. It makes me smile to know that most of those Iï¿œve taught will have passed that knowledge onto others - enabling the skills to be spread further. Foraging can be anything from a spontaneous, in the moment experience to an endless, life-long topic if you want it to be.

As a child I remember foraging for blackberries with my family, large tupper-ware pots and blackberry stains everywhere. My joy of foraging then went under-ground till my early 20s when I rediscovered the distinct smell of wild garlic and met numerous friends and colleagues (see Thanks page) who taught me the medicinal and food benefits of so many plants around me - I was hooked!

My approach to teaching wild food is also informed by 20 years of teaching and facilitating a range of environmental, health and creative topics. I use a participatory approach, advocating experiential learning. I am also influenced by many years of personal and professional studies in related fields such as; nature awareness, bush-craft, movement and body-awareness.

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Rosehip and Custard Tart

Foraging for dinner, Rachel Lambert, wild food walksWild Food Foraging as Team Building Activity, Outdoorswild food, medicinal plants, guided walks, rosehips, Rosa caninaI love the smell of coconutty gorse flowers!
You have a gift in imparting plant knowledge & enthusing people. Valerie

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Autumn Foraging Course With Tasters - Sun 8th Oct, 2-5pm

Seaweed Foraging Course With Tasters - Sat 21st Oct 10-1pm

Coastal/hedge/wood Foraging Course With Tasters - Sat 11th Nov, 10-1pm

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