Wild Food Foraging - Cultivating Skills &
Confidence through Inspiring Forays in Nature


One's individual journey is never truly one's own

Thank you to....

To my parents for all those country walks as a child and my ancestral line that's blessed me with clear sight, acute senses, strong instincts & intuition
To Martin and Mandy who first introduced me to 'Pennywort' and the possibility of eating from the hedgerows
To Lynden Clarke and Justin Smith who blessed me with many foraged goodies while I lived in Bristol and learned about foraging from them
To the series of events that led me to live in Devon, and the strong smell of Wild Garlic that enabled me to easily fall into foraging daily
To the numerous wild food advocates who've written Wild Food books, including Roger Phillips, Richard Mabey, Ray Mears, James Wong, John Hilton and many more
To Dave Hunter who inspired me further in wild food
To numerous Wild Food Teachers and friends, particularly Fergus Drennan & Caroline Davey
To Thomas Schorr-kon, Geoff McMullan, and all those who teach Nature Awareness
To all my students who continue to teach and inspire me
To all those who have crossed my path in my life, you have all taught and touched me in some way
To nature herself for all her teachings, and the life she enables us to have


Thank you to all of those who've provided photos from walks & events including;

Annie LoveJoy, Anthony Bianco, Wendy Pye, Dan Thomas, Adam White, Janet McEwan, Laura Evans, Gemma & Justin Burleigh, Steve Kenward, Doug Howard (Aspects Holidays)

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Winter Warming Sloe Treacle Tart

bare tree branchesMaking nettle beerI love the smell of coconutty gorse flowers!Wild garlic Foraging with Chefs
I so enjoyed the walk & learning on Sunday - just magical. I will be back! Claire

Upcoming events

Seaweed Foraging Course With Tasters - Fri 2nd Feb, 11am-2pm

Coastal/hedgerow Foraging Course With Tasters - Sat 17th Feb, 10am-1pm

Nature And Body Retreat Day ~ lungs/breath/environment - Sat 3rd Mar, 10-5pm

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