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Unique Island Foraging like Nowhere Else in the UK

Foraging on Scilly is unlike any other British foraging experience, similar of course, though distinctly different. Shaped by a mild climate, clean seas, an abundance of coastline and some exciting exotics.

Find me each year at Walk Scilly Festival

Private Forays

Please note that I do not live on Scilly, so private forays start at £240 for an afternoon (for up to 6 persons)

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Winter Warming Sloe Treacle Tart

Carragean, Chondrus crispus, Gigartina stellataBasket of foraged finds Bermuda Buttercup, Oxalis pes-capraeSea Sandwort, Honckenya peploides
After foraging for my own gourmet meals, simply dining out in London's top restaurants will never be quite the same again. Sudi Piggott, Daily Express

Upcoming events

Seaweed Foraging Course With Tasters - Fri 2nd Feb, 11am-2pm

Coastal/hedgerow Foraging Course With Tasters - Sat 17th Feb, 10am-1pm

Nature And Body Retreat Day ~ lungs/breath/environment - Sat 3rd Mar, 10-5pm

For more information on events, see the calendar.

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