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Common Sorrel

The Familiar Face of Sorrel

I met a friend today,
A familiar face in the hedgerow.
Smooth skin, tall and straight,
A tailored jacket and spear shaped hat.

He promised me tangy company, tarty surprises
And melt in the mouth experiences.
Though his delicate demeanour hid a sharp taste, addictive and tantalising.
Oozing witht As, Cs and Iron strength.

I plucked him from his familiar home,
Twirling him between my fingertips.
I watched his tails flutter in the wind, till his jacket became limp and a sour expression covered his face.

One bite and I am hooked on you dear sorrel
Your lemony tang is un-mistakable,
Your taste, instilled in my taste buds
And I will dance to see a sight of you in the hedgerows again.

Sorrel is a great winter, spring & autumn salad leaf, it has a great tarty, lemony taste & traditionally has been used in sorrel soup, in omlettes & even in sweet tarts. There is two things to be wary of with sorrel; firstly identification, secondly not to eat too much of it. I’ve heard some stories of people mistaking lords & ladies for common sorrel (not a pleasant mistake), & eating too much of it can bind up valuable nutrients in the body – hardly the desired effect! Enjoy in moderation & be sure you’re identifying the right plant.

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  1. I’ve made this recipe several times and my family loves it! Recipe as is is perfect! The only difference is sometimes instead of sorrel I use fennel bulb. Slice it very thin and throw it in with the onions. Once the onions are done add a splash of white wine and let the fennel finish cooking till tender for about 20 mins then follow through with the rest of the recipe.

    Comment by Sam — 23 January 2014 4:45 pm

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