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Is it better to be a Happy Pig or a Sad Philosopher?

Recently I’ve been musing the big questions of life – how can I really make a difference, a valuable contribution to my community and the larger picture of this world?

What is my dream with foraging?

What do I really want the world to look like, feel like, be like?

Sweet biscuits with wild ingredientsCollecting NettlesBaskets of wild ingredients

As a forager, I’ve been pretty happy for several years now just teaching small groups (albeit that numbers taught are now in the thousands!), and knowing that I was helping to;

  • re-skill people in the know-how of foraging,
  • re-connecting people to the abundance of nature,
  • appreciation and sustainability
  • knowing that each person I teach is likely to pass that knowledge on, at least some of it, to 1 or more people, usually more.

Although I know that small ripples build into big waves, somehow I’ve got to the point of wanting to make a bigger impact, a lasting effect, reach down into the corners of our culture, our hearts, our ways and create significant, larger reaching changes. Perhaps it is the International development worker in me (I trained and worked in this field before starting this business), that just inevitably thinks big, thinks social change.

Now perhaps is the time for me to look at bridging these interests, I don’t know how, though I know I want to see the benefits of foraging happen on a larger scale, be something accessible to all, and be part of that fundamental shift. Impossible?

Too big a dream? Well, perhaps, though it won’t stop me asking, pursuing, questioning, enquiring, who knows where it will lead me, and you. Please let me know your ideas or suggestions if you have!

As I see it, some of the benefits of foraging in the UK include;

  • Developing a deeper understanding of nature, plants, the eco-system
  • Appreciating plants that we’ve lost a connection to
  • Celebrating the natural environment – without it we’re nothing!
  • Improving nutrition
  • Understanding, practically, about sustainability therefore stimulating appropriate action
  • Usefully getting rid of invasive plants (by eating them)
  • Eating (edible) weeds rather than spraying or digging them up
  • Reconnecting to the source of food
  • Enjoying an outdoor activity and getting some exercise

Meanwhile, while I philosophise, and ruffle my brow, others are out there doing it, making a difference. Here’s a project of interest…

 Support this Project & Win a Day Foraging with Fergus the Forager read on…



Help Get Wild Food out to All – and learn about it in the process!

An enterprising community project in Ireland is seeking to provide a  free education space, where access to courses on wild food, bushcraft, bee-keeping and more will all be available for whatever you can offer - carpentry skills, time behind the bar, a song or a story. An Teach Saor (the Free House) have just launched a Crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to build the space, and they are offering 12 places on a wild food course with Channel 4′s Roadkill Chef Fergus Drennan as rewards for supporting the campaign. The day-long courses are being offered in both the UK and Ireland, at a time that works for all involved, and include 2 wild-food-foraged meals.

For more information, visit http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/thehappypig/

They’re currently just £2,000 and 13 days from their target!
 All the best, may the inner forager be re-discovered in all of us (my words, not theirs)!

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