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LAUNCH: New Seaweed Book


Well, it’s arrived – 104 pages of information about foraging seaweeds, including 16 seaweeds, 32 step by step recipes and over 90 photographs. Expect exciting tastes from classic recipes with a seaweed twist (Pan-Fried Fish with Sea Spaghetti) to salads with a light and fresh flavour (Carrot and Sargassum Salad).

Seaweeds have always been of interest to me; the lure of those amazing sea vegetables surrounding the coast of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. If you know which ones to pick, and the versatility of their flavours, seaweeds can be incorporated into almost any meal, think pizza, or apple turnovers with ice cream – all with seaweed in.

This pocket book is seriously richly  with seaweed information – I can’t imagine fitting more between these pages. Topics such as drying seaweeds, seaweeds and climate change, and cutting edge recipes that show off UK growing seaweeds like never before.

(All photos are by the author and from the book)

You can drool over pages about well-known seaweeds such as dulse, sea lettuce and kelps as well as lesser known seaweeds such as Mermaids Tresses (Chodra Filum) and be taken through everything from identification, nutrition, where to find, how to harvest and recipes, punctuated with 2-3 pages of photographs of each seaweed. 

You can order a signed copy (£6.95 + p+p) here, or find in various outlets across Cornwall, Devon and the Isles of Scilly.

BOOK LAUNCH: Tues 21st June, 6-8pm, 2016

Edge of the World Bookshop, Market Jew St, Penzance, Cornwall

Meet the Author, Book Signing, Seaweed Tasters from the Book, Drinks 




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