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Foraging is an accessible, enjoyable skill for all ages and abilities to learn. I've been teaching foraging since 2007, and have taught 1000s of budding and knowledgeable foragers.

I still love how it connects myself and others to the environment, nature and food. My approach is very hands on, with emphasis on practical and safe guidance for sustainable and satisfying foraging.

Foraging on the Isles of Scilly
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Private Forays
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Foraging Courses for Chefs .

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Rosehip and Custard Tart

Sometimes I feel creative, sometimes crazy, with the ideas I come up with for using wild food. This one is a complete labour of love; a custard tart topped with rosehips and a rosehip syrup glaze. Devoured by 14 appreciative people on a foraging course in October. Here’s the recipe; Rosehip Fruit and Custard Tart [...] read more

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Rosehip and Custard Tart

Rachel Lambert, forager, gorse flowers, Ulex europaeus and Ulex galliiRachel Lambert, forager, Cornwall and DevonNettle ravioli with wild fennelwild food, guided foraging walks, blackberries, Robus fruticosus
Rachel Lambert is a relaxing person to be around, with boundless knowledge of the most plentiful hedgerows. Sudi, Daily Express

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Winter Foraging Course With Tasters - Sat 7th Jan, 10-1pm

Seaweed Foraging Course With Hot/warm Tasters - Fri 13th Jan, 10am-1pm

Early Spring Foraging Course With Tasters - Sun 12th Feb, 2-5pm

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